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    Danielle Contreras
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    "For Sale By Owners"

    Here is a FREE offer for you. I will post your home (example on page) on my FSBO web sites listing page. FREE, that is what I said FREE!!!

    For an additional $100 I will do a 10 shot visual tour and post to my listing page,,, and I will also give you the use of our TalkingHouse ® Radio Transmitter "TILL YOUR HOUSE SELLS!" and a FREE! "FOR SALE BY OWNER" yard sign. ONLY $100 BUCKS, that is what I said $100 BUCKS!!! I offer these special services to you, the "For Sale by Owner" because I want to be the first Realtor to get you started in what is sure to be an exciting process.

    So if you are a "FSBO's" looking for some extra "FREE" exposure for your home you have come to the right place. This section of my website has been created especially for you to give additional exposure for your FSBO property to the many potential buyers that make use of the web as part of their house hunting every day.

    Asking "What's In This For Me as a Realtor? Lots.

    Because my website is locally and nationally advertised and exposed, I have tons of people looking through its pages every day for "new listings" on the market including FSBO listings

    Although most sellers end up eventually listing with a Realtor, some sellers do sell themselves and during this process their buyer may need a full-time experienced real estate practitioner to market their home, or you as a seller might need a real estate professional to help you find a new home as a new buyer. If you don't end up selling "By Owner" You may end up needing the services of a Realtor. You will have someone to call that has already given you a "helping start".

    Please contact Me at 408.850.7994 for more information. Or, send me a quick Meebo with you email address.

    Blossom Valley Real Estate

    San Jose House

    Every day, hot prospects drive by your listing and wonder about them. Even if they like the looks of the home and the neighborhood, they still may not call you.

    They just aren't motivated to call. It may be the 50th house they've parked in front of that day. But they would "tune in" on their car radio, if those listings were "Talking Houses."

    Talking House is really just a little radio "transmitter" that sits right inside your listings. When prospects pull up out front, they can "tune in," and hear whatever you want them to hear about that home. Right over their car radio. Really! It's irresistible to buyers.

    Imagine if you were out looking for a home. Wouldn't you love to tune in, and get a real feel for the home you were looking at? Right over the car radio? NO cost, NO bother?